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I graduated studies in Computer Science at Military University of Technology in Warsaw and currently I'm studying at Warsaw University of Technology.

In the past I was a Member of the Board of Directors in the football club Pogoń Siedlce but now I have worked in the IT company for a few years.

My passion is football but I also like music, history, genetics and genealogy. Harry Potter books, Dragon Ball anime and computer game Football Manager is a guarantee of a great time.

Piotr Klimiuk

Favourite quotes

"Find something you enjoy doing so much that you'd do it for free,
and then learn to do it so well that others wished to pay for it."

"The beginning of the great things is always a passion."

"Freely you have received, freely give!"






My Life

Zdjęcie z Pawłem Janasem - byłym selekcjonerem reprezentacji Polski

My whole life is focused around a few important things for me. When I was a primary school student I started singing in choir and for over 10 years music shaped my personality. At the same time I began to serve at the altar during the Mass and I have been doing it for most of my life. My big passion is football. In the past I was a Member of the Board of Directors in my local team - Pogoń Siedlce. From my early years I was also associated with the community Ruch Światło-Życie, which allowed me to better understand myself, God and other people. I met there my wife Edyta.

Wspólne zdjęcie z chórem z Hildesheim z Niemiec
Posługa podczas liturgii mszy świętej
Wspólnota Ruchu Światło-Życie przy parafii św. Józefa w Siedlcach

Camino de Santiago

Piotr Klimiuk - Camino de Santiago

My big dream was the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela which I successfully did in September 2017. I walked 632 km from Logroño and it took me 20 days of walking. It was a beautiful way, precious time and lots of wonderful people. If you would like to read more about my pilgrimage and see my memories captured on the photos, click on the button below.

My pilgrimage

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